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Helping people find their way forward: Citizens Advice manifesto for the next government

Read the full version of the Citizens Advice manifesto here

This general election we’re calling for all political parties to take action on the issues that matter to people’s lives, so that fewer people face the same problems in the future.

Make the benefits system work for everyone

In East London we see many people struggling to managing financially due to the benefits freeze, the five week wait for Universal Credit and overall cost of living in London. We’re calling for the benefits system to support people more effectively.

Help people recover from debt

Locally, problem debt levels are higher than the national average. We’re working with our Local Authorities to limit the use of bailiffs and practices that may push people into further debt.

Provide security for people in their jobs and homes

We continue to challenge poor letting practices in East London and support the abolition of Section 21 notices. We are raising our concerns about insecure jobs and support available for residents to enforce their rights.

Make sure essential services meet the needs of all consumers

Targeted actions can make sure people are treated fairly and help restore trust in the market, helping prevent those people who can least afford it getting ripped off.

Protect consumers in the energy market – now and in the future

As new technology and products are introduced to help us reach net zero, it’s vital that consumers are protected.