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Citizens Advice East End: Cost of Living Winter Crisis Campaign

We all like to eat a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Imagine if you were unable to feed yourself or your young family and were worried about your next meal?

We all like to keep warm during the winter. Imagine if you were unable to keep yourself and your family warm?

We all like to sleep comfortably in our beds. Imagine if you were unable to because you could not afford to replace your broken bed?

These are some of the real worries for Anna, Kristoff, and Rosa.

Watch our video for more information about our campaign:

Donate now and help us change lives this winter.

Cost of Living: Winter Crisis Campaign

There are more people like Anna, Kristoff, and Rosa who will be struggling to cope with the cost of living increase this Winter.

Since January, we have already supported over 10,000 local residents with over 22,000 issues related to the cost of living crisis. However, the demand continues to increase and more people need more than just advice. Our clients are in urgent need of crisis funds to help them manage the financial and emotional pressures of the cost of living increase.

Due to the urgent need in our community we are operating a 100% donation policy.

With your donations we can help someone in need purchase the following: Food Vouchers, Fuel Vouchers, Clothing, Baby Essentials, Household Furniture (bedding, beds, washing machine, freezer, cooker, etc), and much more.

Citizen Advice East End Client Feedback:

My Mum 89, suffers from frozen shoulders, arthritic knees, dementia, memory loss, and sight impairment. CAEE assisted my Mum with getting a Residents Support grant for a washing machine, fridge and a cooker. Thank you very much!

I am left with £278.00 a month for myself and my 2 children. I am going through financial hardship. The adviser assisted me with applying for a fuel voucher and food from the food bank. I really appreciated his advice and assistance.

I would like to thank my adviser for her help. She has helped me get a bed for my daughter and a washing machine. This has improved our lives a lot and reduced my stress and anxiety too. I felt embarrassed asking for help but my adviser made me feel like there was nothing to be embarrassed about and did not judge me like other people have done in the past. A huge thank you to her and the team as East End Citizens Advice.

Your donation can help us to help more people needing more than just advice.

Your donation can help someone receive the immediate support they need to relieve them of financial hardship.

Please donate generously to help someone have a better option this winter and provide them with some relief from the cost of living crisis.

Donate now and help us change lives this winter.